Hornady Match 300 Prc Ammo – 300 Prc 225gr Eld Match 20/Box


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Hornady made waves, both in competition and military circles, with the development of its unique 300 PRC round, and the company followed up on its success with the launch of Hornady Match 300 PRC Ammo, complete with a trademarked Heat Shield ballistic tip. The Heat Shield Tip used on these 300 PRC Match bullets provides a ballistically perfect meplat, producing a projectile that’s actually more accurate than comparable BTHP bullets. The consistency doesn’t stop there, though. Hornady chooses each cartridge case and powder load with stringent standards in place, ensuring that each round is as identical as possible. Bullet weight: 225 grains Muzzle velocity: 2,810 Mfg: Hornady


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